Sports analytics

Road to Advanced Analytics

The bells for Big Data and Analytics are ringing much louder now. Every industry tries to break the boundaries with their imagination on becoming leader in their domain. With the availability of large volumes of unprocessed data, sport analytics produce profitable outcomes and bring a new aspect to the sport industry.

Advanced analytics in sports enables to take control of unprocessed data and creates new opportunities that thought it can be done. Creating fast and dynamic dashboards enables to understand the social media, identifying top players and rivals gives an advantage in competition, determining ticket prices dynamically boost the business profit and understanding the behavior of fans gives extra possibilities on marketing actions.

Lumnion’s Sport Analytics team can help by giving the answers to this 3 questions:

  1. “Where do we begin?”
  2. “Do we need a Sport Analytics function?”
  3. “If we need it, how can we build a Sport Analytics function?”

We asses your collected sport data and we detect the missing parts for quick and long term wins to the team with missing data, internal or external

We create dynamic and interactive dashboards with cleaned data of the team like past match performances, updated training schedules, rival statistics, fan demographics and every kind of survey or social media data.

With the combination of data and advanced analytics, we develop and segment all fans or team players to categorize and identify them to understand their behaviors. Knowing and understand every segment will create insights and action plans for every situation.

The power of prediction algorithm can be used to detect price sensitivity of fans for every game. Also predicting the behavior of fans and creating propensity models for fans enables diversifying marketing actions and boost the marketing profit, because we know that fans are the heart of the team.

With the automation of the processes and fast refreshes, a cost reduction optimization are developed in the Sport Analytics center and it can produce much more business insights to maximize profit.

We keep track of every technological improvements in analytics and data fields. We update our solutions with latest algorithms and big data solutions to improve accuracy of our predictions and business insights.

We understand that in a competitive business world, there is no time to perform experiments.

Every solution we developed are tested in countless scenarios and ready to improve the business by generating new undetected insights in Sport Analytics.

By watching the boom of big data and talent analytics, we created our solutions to help companies shift up their successes.