Setting up a Strategy

Road to Advanced Analytics

What do you want to get from your data? The purpose-driven data means that you have to clarify what you want to achieve by understanding your data. That means the CEO and other top executives must be able to clearly articulate its purpose and then translate it into action—not just in an analytics department, but throughout the organization where the insights will be used.

The precise question your organization should ask depends on your best-informed priorities. Clarity is essential. Examples of good questions include:

“How can we reduce costs?” or “How can we increase revenues?”

Even better ones are the questions that drill further down:

  • “How can we improve the productivity of each member of our team?”
  • “How can we improve the quality of outcomes for patients?”
  • “How can we radically speed our time to market for product development?”

Think about how you can align important functions and domains with your most important use cases.

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