Nature analytics

Road to Advanced Analytics

Weather forecasts and nature conditions are one of the most common thing that affects all the life conditions in the world, starting from an individual’s daily life and following with a company’s yearly business plan or business risks.

At first glance, weather forecast seems a fact that we check in the evening about the following day or before going out in the morning for deciding what to wear or our daily plan. It is perceived as a screen on our mobile phones in the weather application. Though, the nature has significant effects in some business lines.

Since there is a huge amount of data about weather conditions, it is a really challenging business area in the big data age.

It is possible to create insight from the combination of the data about weather history, weather forecasts and business data for adding strong value for business areas like; Insurance, Agriculture, Sales planning and management in consumer focused businesses.

Since we strongly believe our competency in data science and using data for business solutions, we have defined Weather Analytics as our developing business line.

Our vision is developing solutions by using Nature Analytics in the following subjects;


We are gathering weather forecasts, weather history and geographical data for predicting the negative conditions about claim risks related with crop, property or casualty insurance. Our findings can be used by the Actuary calculations for better pricing against claim risk.


Since atmospheric conditions are one of the main parameters in agriculture, we use our nature analytics algorithms by enriching the weather data with the current and the historic data of the crop fields. Our insights will illuminate the business areas about yield prediction, crop life cycle, crop risk due to weather conditions and better pricing considering also the commodity market.

Sales Management:

Weather conditions directly affects the consumer behavior. For this reason seasonality is a main topic in sales management and demand planning and resource allocations. We will use our nature analytics to foresee the volatility in sales and give insight to the related business functions of our clients.