Marketing & Sales analytics

Road to Advanced Analytics

The game is changing in the digital age and the ones who manage to uncover the value of data, lead the competition regardless of their sector.

Competition is getting tougher in every sector in today’s world with the technological advances, the changes in business models and the effect of digitization in every part of daily life or business life. These conditions created the unlimited source of data. Customer expectations are increasing day by day caused by the chance of reaching all services or products at every time independent from geographical conditions. The technologies and services can be created very fast in the sector.

Under these circumstances, customer experience is becoming a top priority subject for all the players in the competition. The objective is; managing the customer experience with the goal of making the customer feel “right” continuously.

From the Lumnion’s point of view, the enablers are; marketing and sales strategies driven by advanced analytics.

Identifying the customer, foreseeing the needs , expectations, sensitivities and capability of acting real time are the common problems for all business actors. We are gathering all your customer and operational data, combine them with the external data to give the answer of all the common questions.

With the help of advanced analytics, we are segmenting the customers both for macro and micro levels.

Development of analytical models which foresees the customer propensities about your services or service channels gives the road map for your selling strategies.

What is more important as understanding the customer is the capability of defining a marketing strategy per customer in line with your business targets.

With our analytical algorithms, we are predicting the Customer life time value and enrich our findings by developing your marketing strategy for increasing the life time values.

We are aiming to help our clients for customer life cycle management, sales growth, unleashing the potential of their customer base with our analytical solutions.

We keep track of every technological improvements in analytics and data fields. We update our solutions with latest algorithms and big data solutions to improve accuracy of our predictions and business insights.

We understand that in a competitive business world, there is no time to perform experiments.

Every solution we developed are tested in countless scenarios and ready to improve the business by generating new undetected insights in Customer , Marketing and Sales analytics.