Investment analytics

Road to Advanced Analytics

Algorithmic trading is gaining an advantage over classical technical trading. Many new algorithmic techniques are explored. There, investors got the ability position their selves flexibly.

Investment data accumulates day by day and new technologies and tools are used get useful investment information; especially from money, commodity markets, economy indicators like PMI, interest rate , GDP, CMI and so on. Many companies are developing systems creating customized views of markets and users are able to drill down into specific details for more informed business decisions. These systems have functionalities that enable treasury personnel to analyze the information and to perform pertinent trend analysis. Users will be able to view positions at a global, regional or local level on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Through the use of filters, users can further create views into your investment information that is meaningful to treasury activities regardless of the user’s scope. However many interrelated information interferes that one can not handle all of them and filter important ones. The problem of handling large amounts of data evolves into disasters. To confront this problem, complex data mining algorithms nourished.

An examination and assessment of economic and market trends, earnings prospects, earnings ratios, and various other indicators and factors to determine suitable investment strategies. Our approach to investment analytics is:

– Aggregating Data

We’ll take you through the process of sourcing, cleansing and enriching your data, making calculations and validating data, right through to ensuring that reporting meets your needs and those of your stakeholders.

Aggregated information translated and delivered in the format of your choice

Straight-through-processing of data into your in-house or third-party systems

Notification on receipt and delivery of Data Monitoring and chasing services available to resolve missing or inaccurate information and pursue late or missing data feeds on your behalf

– Analyzing Market Sentiment

Use advanced analytics to evaluate sentiment on stocks and assist in making investment decisions.

Technical portfolio analysis Leverage technical indicators and analysis tools to predict future stock price behavior.

Customer knowledge enhancement Use back-testing and portfolio optimization to help online customers make better investment decisions.

– Portfolio Optimization

Data analytics capabilities allow clients to make informed decisions on how best to optimize their investments.