The AI-Powered Scenario Testing, Price Management and Optimization Tool

Dolphin through its embedded Rule / Analysis Engine can create multiple scenarios, analyses, and comparisons in the most effective way. It does not require long processes or switch to use other outside tools for analysis.

Rules can easily be created and maintained within Dolphin by multiple users based on their authorization levels. There is no longer need for maintaining rule tables on the core systems.

Dolphin allows for deployment and management of tariffs created on other tools and environments. Dolphin provides operational efficiency gains by the reduction of “time-to-market” for price changes.

Our solution is different because;

  • Easy and fast Multiple Scenario testing
  • Built-in Rule Engine within simulations
  • Pricing Engine allows day-to-day price management
  • Easy tariff import created on other environments
  • Visualization for easy decision making
  • Easy integration into core systems
  • Affordability

Scenario Analysis

Work on alternative scenarios and see immediate commercial results

Optimized Pricing

Optimal pricing for user defined targets. Build up of efficient frontiers.

Pricing Engine / Integration

Tool can be integrated into any legacy core system,. Manage commercial pricing supporting omni-channel environments.

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