Creating Business Value

Road to Advanced Analytics

If analyses are run in silos, if the outputs do not work under real-world conditions, or, perhaps worst of all, if the conclusions would work but sit unused, the analytics exercise has failed.

Digitized data points are now speeding up feedback cycles. By using advanced algorithms and machine learning that improves with the analysis of every new input, organizations can run loops that are faster and better. But while machine learning very much has its place in any analytics tool kit, it is not the only tool to use, nor do we expect it to supplant all other analyses.

It’s becoming much easier to automate processes and decision making. Technology improvements are allowing a much broader capture of real-time data (for example, through sensors) while facilitating real-time, large-scale data processing and analysis. These advances are opening new pathways to automation and machine learning that were previously available only to leading technology firms.

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