AI-Powered Risk Pricing & Actuarial Modelling that can run various ML Algortihms and GLM as well

Cheetah is a Risk Modelling Tool with multiple advanced machine learning algorithms for today’s challenging world. It is designed to help overcome the unseen and overlooked links between human eye and empowered decision making.

Cheetah discovers hidden patterns and enhances risk detection for insurance risk modelling. Algorithms such as GLM, XGBoost, Random Forest and Decision Trees are all embedded into the tool. Cheetah is the cumulative result of historically produced actuarial ideas with operational and strategic intelligence for maximum benefit.

Cheetah merges domain expertise with collective artificial intelligence to generate beyond-human calculations. With the power of Machine Learning, Cheetah includes automated & manual variable grouping, factor & interaction advice, statistical results for all factors and models, model comparison modules and automated reporting to increase user experience when building complex risk models.

Cheetah can recommend factors and interactions which actuaries can use in modelling or improving their modelling. Clustering function of Cheetah groups similar variables due to residuals or behavior. Use cases in Property, Casualty and Health insurance risk calculations can be solved in Cheetah. Moreover, open-source AI technology is used to empower machine learning algorithms.

Our solution is different because;

  • User friendly interfaces
  • Availability of comperative analysis with multiple Algorithms (GLM, GBMs, Random Forest, Decision Trees)
  • Transparency for all ML Algortihms (conversion into base price & coefficients)
  • In built Reporting Module
  • Easy to manage licencing system, eliminating physical dongles
  • Affordable Hi-Tech

Sophisticated Actuarial Modeling

Supports GBMs, Random Forest, Penalised Regressions and other widely used methods.

Transparency in Machine Learning

Results of all algorithms can be converted into base price and coefficients allowing for transparency.

Reporting Dashboard

State of the art interactive reporting that allow audit traceability.

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