AI-Powered Risk Pricing & Actuarial Modelling that can run various ML Algortihms and GLM as well

Cheetah is designed to overcome the unseen and overlooked link between variables by human mind and empower decision making with multiple advanced machine learning algorithms. Cheetah discovers hidden patterns and identify new variables and interactions to increase risk detection for insurance products.

Cheetah merge domain expertise with collective artificial intelligence to generate beyond human calculations.

Our solution includes optimizing variable numbers, optimum method for modelling, champion-challenger selection, automated reporting, recommendation of variables and best interaction of variables. Use cases like MTPL – Traffic Liability, Motor Own Damage, Household, Property insurance risk calculation can be solved in Cheetah.

Sophisticated Actuarial Modeling

Supports GBMs, Random Forest, Penalised Regressions and other widely used methods.

Transparency in Machine Learning

Results of all algorithms can be converted into base price and coefficients allowing for transparency.

Reporting Dashboard

State of the art interactive reporting that allow audit traceability.

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