Automated, Data Preparation & Earned Premium Calculation

Bee is designed to calculate the exposure that can adapt to the addendum structures of all companies and takes the addendum types into account.

Bee calculates the earned premium in the most accurate way. It takes into account the timewise structure between addendums and all of the Premium taken against the risk exposed, based on each addendum.

The product data created by time-based calculations and the claim data can be easily merged. It takes into account the accident date of the claim data during the merge process. Our solution is different because;

  • Exposure Calculation without complex codes
  • Detailed Earned Premium Calculation
  • Get modelling /analysis data ready in a very short period
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for period-based analysis
  • Clustering and analyzing claim types easily
  • Ready to use data on any other tools with one click

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