About Us

Our products support insurance companies on the way of dominating their markets.

In the global insurance markets where managing against the risk is key to the success, wrong pricing strategies  inevitabely brings dissatisfied customers and loss on revenues, therefore a failure.

Lumnion develops state-of-the-art AI-based pricing platforms for Non-Life Insurance Industry in order to prevent the loss of time and money caused by not so accurate risk price modeling with existing systems, cumbersome modeling processes, and inability to use Blackbox machine learning algorithms in the pricing process.

Our Vision

To change doing business for the better and to revolutionize the insurance pricing process with the use of groundbreaking technologies such as ML and AI.

Our Mission

To ensure that both insurance companies and their customers get the most value from their agreements in the fastest way.

To support a global win-win strategy.

Our Values

Game Changer: Spearheads innovation with knowledge, experience and poise

Tech-driven: Technology is our soul

Committed: Values relationships and upholds sustainability

Entrepreneurial: Openly shares ideas and boldly brings them into fruition

Customer oriented: Dedicated to adding value and delivering the best and easiest solution to the customer

One Team: Moves with a unified purpose towards a common goal. Relaxed and easy-going, but focused and highly motivated culture is lived at Lumnion

Socially conscious: Produces, thinks and assumes responsibility for society